From Data
to Insights.

From Data

to Insights.


Empowering consultants to get better insights out of complex data faster. Leveraging Generative AI to automate data discovery.

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Tools to accelerate your work

Automating insight extraction from interview transcripts

Accelerate your workflow with up to 10x efficiency and capacity gains

Summarization at the press of a button

Generate insights per question taking the input from all the answers you collected instantly

Track your sources

All generated insights indicate the respondents as sources

Retrieve relevant quotes

Have an overview of the quotes per question and per respondent at a press of a button

Automating insight extraction from large survey data

Accelerate your workflow with up to 10x efficiency and capacity gains

Combining language with mathematics

Perform quantitative analysis by using our first ever deterministic computation engine paired with generative AI

Chat with your survey data

Explore what you could never explore before by asking questions such as “Which correlations in the data should I explore further?”

Track, verify, double-check process

Access the step-by-step description of how the insight was generated and how the calculations were performed for verification and piece-of-mind

Augmented retrieval & insight generation

Chat interface powered by source verification and without hallucinations

Chat with your own files

Imagine ChatGPT but for your own files! Upload, ask your questions, and get your answers in seconds

File retrieval and source indication

Responses generated always indicate sources used, which file and in what page, so you can easily verify and explore further if needed

Say no to hallucinations

The context window is limited to the content of your files, harshly limiting hallucinations

Bert Smyers

Managing Partner at New Heights Research

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